I watched Pasta (Korean Drama) n Chef cooked Spaghetti Ginseng, so i tried to cook Spaghetti  Carbonara with Ginger coz it’s very cold here n Ginger can warm my body.

Ingredients n steps:

  • Minced 7 garlic n fried with olive oil in frying pan until smell good then add 100gr meat (beef/chicken or else) n 1 vegetables sausage (you can change with sausage you like). Cook until cooked then add vegetables (2carrot[cut into pieces], 2 corn [pulpy], mushroom [optional], broccoli[optioanal) n cook until 1/2 cook.
  • Add 600ml consomme (meat n veggies soup), 9 tbsp milk powder, 1/2 tbsp sugar, 1/2tsp blak pepper, 5tbsp mayonaise, 55gr cheese (grated), 10 Ginger (grated/juice), basil, oregano n salt for taste, stir it well.
  • While cooking krim carbnara you can boil water in sauce pan and add salt n oil  until boiled n add spagethi until cooked.
  • Add Spaghetti in Krim Carbonara n stir it until combine. enjoy the spaghetti.

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