Es Buah/Indonesian ice Fruit Cocktail with Markisa/Passion fruit Juice

Es buah is an Indonesian iced fruit cocktail dessert. This cold and sweet beverage is made of diced fruits, such as honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, papaya, squash, jackfruit and kolang kaling (Arenga pinnata fruit), mixed with shaved ice or ice cubes, and sweetened with liquid sugar or syrup. The type of fruit used in this dessert may vary, some might add any available fruits such as mango, watermelon or longan — some imported fruits — such as lychee, kiwi, strawberry, pear, peach or grapes. Other ingredients might be added too, such as agar-agar jelly, grass jelly, seaweed or nata de coco.(

  • It’s easy to do it, i made Markisa/Passion Fruit Juice the day before n i put in refrigartor for 1 day n then i cut the fruits n mix it.
  • I have Markisa/Passion Fruit n Papaya trees in my own Garden so it’s really easy for me hehehehe
  • Nice Cooking all

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