Choux pastry, or pâte à choux (pronounced: [pɑt a ʃu]), is a light pastry dough used to make profiteroles, croquembouches, éclairs, French crullers, beignets, St. Honoré cake, quenelles, Parisian gnocchi, dumplings, gougères, chouquettes, craquelins and churros. It contains only butter, water, flour and eggs. Instead of a raising agent, it employs high moisture content to create steam during cooking to puff the pastry. The pastry is used in many European and European-derived cuisines.


According to some cookbooks,[1] a chef by the name of Pantarelli or Pantanelli invented the dough in 1540, seven years after he left Florence with Catherine de’ Medici and her court. He used the dough to make a gâteau and named it pâte à Pantanelli. Over time, the recipe of the dough evolved, and the name changed to pâte à popelin, which was used to make popelins, small cakes made in the shape of a woman’s breasts. Then, Avice, a pâtissier in the eighteenth century, created what were then called choux buns. The name of the dough changed to pâte à choux, as Avice’s buns resembled cabbages—choux in French.[dubious ]

From there, Antoine Carême made modifications to the recipe, resulting in the recipe most commonly used now for profiteroles.[2]

Essential ingredients and manner of rising

The ingredients for choux pastry are butter, water, flour and eggs. Like Yorkshire Pudding or David Eyre’s pancake, instead of a raising agent, it employs high moisture content to create steam during cooking to puff the pastry. The high moisture content is achieved by boiling the water and butter, then adding the flour. The mixture is cooked a few minutes longer, then cooled before adding enough eggs to achieve the desired consistency. The boiling step causes the starch in the flour to gel, allowing the incorporation of more water.[3]

Foods made with choux pastry

This pastry is used to make profiteroles, croquembouches, éclairs, French crullers, beignets, St. Honoré cake, quenelles, Parisian gnocchi, dumplings[4] and gougères.

Choux pastry is usually baked but for beignets it is fried. In Spain and Latin America, churros are made of fried choux pastry, sugared and dipped in a thick hot chocolate for breakfast. In Austrian cuisine, one variation of Marillenknödel, a sweet apricot dumpling[5] cooked in simmering water, uses choux pastry; in that case it does not puff, but remains relatively dense. Choux pastries are sometimes filled with cream after baking to make cream puffs or éclairs.[6]

Chouquettes, named for the diminutive of “choux,” are small, round, hollow choux pastry covered with large-grain sugar. Craquelins are covered in a “crackly” sugar topping – and often filled with pastry cream, much like eclairs.(



  • 1 cup Water (300ml) or you can add milk powder 3-4tbsp
  • 1 cup Wheat  Flour (use the cup that you used for water)
  • 1/2tsp Salt
  • 100-150gr Margarine
  • 4 Eggs


  • 1 cup Water add 5 tbsp Milk powder or you can use 1 cup of Milk.
  • 5tbsp Confection Sugar  Skim
  • (if you use sugar you add 3tbsp corn starch)
  • 100 gr Butter cream
  • 100gr Cheese cream
  • (I made cheese cream from Kefir so the flavor is like cheese but sour, so if you you buy cream cheese you can add sour cream little bit)
  • 100gr White chocolate block (the flavor you can choose what you like but i used Strawberry flavor)
  • Salt 1/4 tsp n 50gr Margarine


  • Boil the water/milk in saucepan with salt n margarine until boiling than add flour then make it low heat, stir it well then turn off the stove. Add egg 1 by 1 n stir it well until smooth  with wooden spoon (don’t add egg before the dough mixture well and if you want you can add egg after the dough cool but it’ll make the egg smell in the dough mixture).
  • Use piping bag and pastry tip (a Wilton 1M will do beautifully) to pipe the batter or use 2 spoons to shape. Give +/- 3 cm distance in between, i used 2spoon.
  •  Bake for 30 minutes or until its golden brown. Cool on a wire rack n put on plate.17555278_1213585145428069_1586615117_n
  • Boil Milk in saucepan with white chocolate blok, margarine and salt until boiling than add confection sugar skim n stir until thick. Turn off the stove and add cream cheese and cold butter cream, stir it well. You can add rhum or brandy or white wine if you like it. If you like sweet, you can add honey or sweet milk cream.17506064_1213513192101931_1263823278_n
  • Cut the cake n add the filling.17577797_1213585012094749_926092793_n
  • Enjoy yor Choux pastry with Coffie, Tea, Milk or Juice, nice cooking all.

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