Gonggal Ppang (Korean Crunchy Ballon Bread)

Gonggal ppang is one of the most common Korean Cuisine, easy to cook n delicious.

Ingredients n steps:

  • Stir 1/3 cup warm water with 1 pack yeast(1ts) n 1tbs sugar, stir it well then add 1 pinch salt n 2tbs cooking/corn oil. Stir it well and add 1 cup all purpose flour, mix with spoon (rice scoope) n knead it with your hand for 2 mnts until smooth n let it for 1hr.
  • Prepare the filling, Sugar 3tbs, Sesame seeds 1ts and cinnamon powder 1ts, mix it well.
  • After 1 hr, knead again the dough until smooth n make it 4 or 6, shape it like ball n cover it with plastic wrap.
  • Make oven broiled first, must really hot including the pan must really hot. Shape the dough, take 1 ball n roll it then fill with the filling n pinch the edge (filling has to be in the center) also we have to seal it off. Roll again, just little by little spread it to make it circle shape n then turn it over. Roll again, gently roll it so sugar won’t coming out.(i used little oven so i made oval shape hihi)
  • After the pan hot then bake it for 15mnts-20mnts, depends with your oven. I bake 15mnts with bottom heat n 5mnts with bottom n top heat. You can make a lot n put i freezer, when you want to eat, keep in room temperature then enjoy Gonggal Ppang.
  • Nice cooking all, Korean Cuisine very simple, humble n delicious..
  • 18136707_1244892792297304_1171812981_n I enjoyed my Gonggal Ppang with Mugwort Tea, so yumyyyy..hihi
  • 18424889_1265037286949521_820510806_n
  • 18136730_1244129102373673_443178774_n

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