Kkae Ttangkong Gangjeong 깨땅콩 강정 (Korean Sesame peanut Candy)

Kkae Ttangkong Gangjeong 깨땅콩 강정 is a variety of traditional Korean candy made with sesame seeds (called kkae-gangjeong) or peanuts (called ttangkong-gangjeong).

I learned it from Maangchi n Korean Bapsang.

The recipe looks very simple but I actually spent a lot of time getting the measurements and the technique just right. This candy is not only delicious but it never goes soft or soggy, even if you leave in on the counter uncovered for a few days.

Try it out, and you can substitute peanuts or sesame seeds with either sesame seeds or peanuts, and you could experiment with other types of dried fruit, or just leave them out. The key point is to get everything ready before you make the syrup, because once that is ready and the nuts go in, you need to mix and spread quickly. Otherwise, the mixture will get hard in a few minutes, so it will be difficult for you to spread.

Try out the recipe and  share it with your loved ones!(https://www.maangchi.com)

Ingredients  n steps:

  • Put the 1/2cup sugar, 1/4 cup rice/corn syrup (i used lemon honey), 1/4ts salt, and 1tbs water in a small, heavy saucepan and cook over low heat.
  • Let it boil for about 4 minutes until small bubbles come up around the edges of the pan. Don’t stir it, but lift the pan and tilt it so the syrup melt evenly. When the sugar is all melted, stir it with a wooden spoon. Keep stirring and lifting the wooden spoon in the air until you see sugar threads come off the syrup on the spoon.
  • Add 1/2 cup roasted the sesame seeds and roasted the peanuts(i cut into small pieces) to the syrup and mix well with the wooden spoon until it forms a big lump.
  • Remove it from the heat and put the lump on the oiled cutting board. Quickly spread it out with the wooden spoon and add the freeze dried fruit (i used raisin, you can add dried fruit you like it)
  • 21908285_1389455471174368_1069375744_o
  • Roll it out with the rolling pin to a rectangle about 8 x 9 inches. Cut it into bite sized pieces about 2 x 1 inches with a sharp kitchen knife. Let cool and transfer to an air-tight container or plastic bag. You can keep it up to 1 week at room temperature and 3 months in the freezer.
  • 21886786_1389455567841025_143856804_o
  • Enjoy your Kkae Ttangkong Gangjeong 깨땅콩 강정, nice cooking all.



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